The Excess poundage!

I’ve done pretty well at shifting my pregnancy weight this time around.  I managed in 4 months to lose a little more than my pre pregnancy weight, so was really pleased with my efforts.

This time around, I found it much easier, because of course I also had a very active toddler to run around after.  However, my healthy diet and lifestyle kind of went out the window when my sister came home for her months visit.  Having not seen her for 6 years, since she moved to the other side of the world, we had a LOT of socialising, eating and drinking to do and inevitably my waistline has suffered.  I am now struggling to get it off.  Although our baby is now walking, she is teething badly and has become so very clingy.  I can barely move out of the room without her screaming the house down, so my levels of activity have gone way down and my eating has become grabbing something quick, mainly something unhealthy like crisps!

So I think I might need help this time to shift the extra weight.  Ideally I think, I’d like to lose about 10lbs.  All I need now is the right way of doing it.    I seem to have hit a plateau, I’m not gaining any more weight, but I’m, not losing any either and this is both frustrating and disheartening’

I have done some research into diet plans and I like the sound of the diet plan where meals are part of the plan. This could really work for me because the meals are ready-made and delivered to the door, so that would help with the clingy baby syndrome!

The plans consist of a consultant who will offer guidance, support and motivation.  All my meals prepared by dieticians and delivered to my door.  An activity plan with exercises.  A manual and weekly menus and the ability to track my progress.

While researching these online I came across Jenny Craig.  This seems to be exactly what I think might work for me.  They are also currently running a competition for bloggers to ask them a diet or nutritional question, via your blog that they can answer on their blog.  You can win money towards a bicycle, plus 28 days of their diet plan.  So this is an even bigger incentive for me to try.

So my questions (typical me, there’s always more than one question!) for the Jenny Craig experts would be:

I suffer from essential hypertension, a left over from my pre-eclampsia.  My blood pressure never returned to normal and I am on quite a lot of medication to deal with that.  Would it be recommended for me to take part in the Jenny Craig Plan? 

How do I get off this plateau that I seem to be stuck on, when I am limited by the type of exercise I can take?

Hopefully my answers will be positive ones and I can find a good solution to my battle with the bulge.  I want the slimmer, healthier me back again.

If you fancy joining me in losing some weight, why not pop over to the website via the competition link and enter for yourself.  You can get your question answered and maybe win a prize at the same time.  Good luck everyone.  In my best Obi Wan Kenobi voice – May the scales be with you!

The link for the competition is here Jenny Craig Blog


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