Ok so there is a knob (apologies, but that’s my opinion of him) in a Subaru Impreza that snores up and down our road several times a night, several times a week.  He drives so fast and his car has one of those really noisy bean can exhausts that I always know it’s him without seeing the car.

Our house sits back from the road behind loads of trees, so I only ever catch a glimpse of the car if I’m outside and near our driveway, but he’s had to screech to a halt a time or two close to our drive when he’s been surprised by a slow-moving vehicle.  It’s a country road full of farms, so there are tractors and farm machinery on it a lot.  It’s also quite bendy with a few blind dips, occasionally cattle manage to get out and wander aimlessly about the road in an attempt to get back into their field.  I sit in the house sometimes and hear the noise of his car and I hold my breath waiting for the bang.  Someday, it will happen, it’s almost inevitable.

Anyway yesterday evening I went out to check the chickens feed and water, when I heard dickhead boy – again apologies readers, but he is.  The car came speeding up the road, I was muttering away to myself calling him worse names than I’ve typed here, when suddenly he stopped abruptly.  I thought he was at the bottom of our driveway, so I went to see and was almost hoping he’d pulled into our drive.  Believe it or not we used to catch the odd courting couple on a Friday night blocking the entrance to our drive!  I think sometimes because the house sits so far back that they don’t realise it is a driveway.

He had actually stopped about 2 fields up from our house, got out of his car rummaged around at the field gate, then jumped into his car and drove off tyres screeching.  He drove at speed a few hundred yards to a crossroads and then did a massive screeching hand brake turn and sped back down the road past our house and towards the town.  I didn’t think that much of it at the time, I assumed he had maybe thrown something from his car by accident and had come back to retrieve it.

An hour or so later, I heard the car again coming back up the road, once again though I heard him screech to a halt, then drive off at speed and repeat the same performance of earlier.  A couple of hours later the same thing happened, this time I opened the door and heard him get out, get back in and screech off.

The next time he appeared my hubby walked to the end of our garage, where you can just see the gate of the field above the hedge line and sure enough he was stopped in the same spot, jumped out of his car and then screech off again.  He did it once more after that and then stopped.

We have reached the conclusion that he had hidden drugs there and was coming back and forth to collect more as he sold them, but of course it was too dark to go and look and because we don’t know exactly where, we could be rooting around in the hedgerow with torches and find absolutely nothing.  By the time my hubby gets home from work these nights, it is now beginning to get dark.  I can’t leave the girls in the house on their own through the day to go and investigate and there is no way I could safely walk with them on that road.  Meandering country road it is not, we get lots of heavy milk tankers and animal feed lorries regularly through the day and they drive pretty fast.  It’s not the type of road you go wandering on with a toddler and baby.

So we are left with the dilemma of what to do about it.  There is absolutely no point in ringing the police, they will do nothing.  They have neither the time nor the resources nowadays to investigate some housewife’s speculation.  The force has changed considerably since I was a member.  Even in the bad old days of the “troubles” the police or RUC as they were called then investigated almost everything, unless they believed their lives could be in danger and it could be a hoax call to get them into the area for a terrorist attack.  We were stretched in man power beyond belief, but we attended almost every call or report that we got.  Sadly in these modern times, the new force seems to be so tied up with paperwork that finding a policeman has become a bit like the old spot the ball competitions that the newspapers ran.

So what do I do.  Nothing and just let him get on with it, I can’t do that, I abhor drugs and the damage and impact that they have on people and their families.  Do I contact my local police drug squad in the hope that they take me seriously, despite the fact that I can’t give them the car registration or a description of the driver.  Again nowadays you can’t even phone your local station, all calls go through a civilian call centre and you have to wait for the police to call you back, which more often than not doesn’t happen.  Do I and my husband try to find this stash of possibly “drugs” and put ourselves at risk – this guy could carry a firearm if he’s a drug dealer?  Just what is the right thing to do in these circumstances?  I have filled out the confidential telephone online report, but I have no experience of the usefulness of this service and whether or not it is a proactive thing to do.  So I’m left in a bit of a quandary, how do I stop someone who may or may not be peddling drugs from keeping his crap on my doorstep, from racing his car past our house at break neck speed and risking not just his life, but the life of some of my neighbours whose livelihoods involves working from field to field on that road?

So what do think is it drugs and what would you do? I may have to go in person to my local police station and attempt to speak to a drug squad officer.  I’ll let you know if I’m laughed out of the station!


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