That’s All Folks!

So that’s it, after 16 days of sheer entertainment the 30th Olympic Games have ended and I have loved every single moment.  For someone who tolerates sports rather than enjoys it, I have been totally converted.  I always make an effort to watch the Olympics, but this years games have had me completely absorbed.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I am British, because living in Northern Ireland, I am hundreds of miles and a sea crossing away from London.  This tiny little corner of the UK often gets forgotten about completely, even though we had  athletes who managed to pick up some medals for TeamGB, NI still barely gets a mention.  We are a little like the dirty little secret of the United Kingdom.  However, I don’t let it bother me and I’m usually very proud to be British, throughout these games was no exception.

From the spectacular, unforgettable opening ceremony to the remarkable medal haul by TeamGB.  65 medals, no mean feat for a small nation and one to be proud of.  I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions, I have laughed, cried, screamed and shouted until I’m hoarse.  There have been so many fabulous and joyous moments.  Mo Farah and his 2 amazing gold medals, Jessica Ennis and her heptathlon gold, the rowers, sailors, the cyclists, the wonderful equestrian team with the beautiful and breathtaking Dressage.  Usain Lightning Bolt breaking another world record and making Olympic history, the brilliant American 4 x 100m women who broke the world record.  The genius of David Rudisha from Kenya breaking the 800m world record, it was amazing and emotional all at once.  The German Discus thrower Robert Harting celebrating his gold by ripping off his shirt and jumping the hurdles.  The delight at Kirani James winning Grenada’s first ever Olympic medal and making a gold medal.  The sheer joy of Stephen Kiprotich at winning the marathon and Uganda’s first medal since 1972!  There were hundreds more moments just like these from every country that participated.  I watched the elation and heartbreak and I felt it with them all, regardless of the country they were representing.

Then all too soon it was the closing ceremony.  A celebration of British music and again a feast for the eyes and ears.  Not all the music was to my liking and I was a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see David Bowie, but it was still a brilliant end to what in my opinion where the best games ever.  I’m looking forward to Rio in 4 years time.

Thank you London 2012, so many moments, so many memories, you did it, you pulled it off with brilliance.  Tomorrow I’ll finally get to do my housework again!


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  1. Wasn’t it all wonderful? I never imagined that we would all get so drawn into it – even on holiday in Turkey we were huddling around the TV every evening to catch up on what had happened that day! Sad that it’s all over 😦

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