The Snooty Pram!

Pram snobbery, do you suffer from it?  Until very recently, I had no idea such a thing even existed, but wow does it ever.

When I bought my first pram, I based my choice upon, did I like the look of it and did it fulfill my needs.  I didn’t for a second consider that in the world of mummydom the brand was more important than anything else.  I could barely have told you beyond Silver Cross and Maclaren any other pram manufacturer, I have since broadened my perambulator repertoire!

It would seem though amongst the internet baby forums that the brand of your pram dictates just how dedicated a mother you are and you are viewed with near contempt if you happen to have a what is considered a sub-standard pram.  I read the comments with raised eyebrow amusement, the gushing, boastful posts about the fact that they have the latest celebrity inspired copy cat pram.  As anyone who knows me, or who has read any of my blog will know, all of this boasting is completely wasted on me.  I care not a jot, which pram is the current Hollywood hottie!  I also don’t need more than one pram.  Some of these women claim to have bought 10 or more prams – whether this is true or not, who knows.  I half suspect it is just another thing to boast about and in actual fact they have one mid range pram.

Of course the current favourite is the Bugaboo, whether it is the B, B+ etc etc has become the beating stick that the pram snobs use on each other.  The comments range from “oh I have the B with an extras package it cost so much money, but is so worth it.”  to “Well I have the B+ with Paul Franks canopy and Hood, I got it imported specially, it cost a fortune, but my baby is worth it.”  I’m sorry, but your baby has no idea that the thing you are wheeling them around in with matching monkey hood and canopy , is the same pram that some actress is pushing her offspring around in, nor do they know or care how much it cost or where it came from!  Again, I am in two minds as to whether or not their statements are true and suspect they never owned one of these prams at all.

The competitiveness from these women is both amusing and amazing.  Is this the equivalent of men competing with one and other over cars?  I personally can’t comment on the useability of the Bugaboo, having never owned or even pushed one.  I just can’t see from looking at it any huge difference between it and any other pram on the market.  Yes the shapes and styling differ slightly, but it is only slightly.  There isn’t that much that manufacturers can do to totally alter the basic shape of a pram.  The only other difference that I am aware of is that apparently the Bugaboo is very lightweight, but there are lots of other very lightweight prams out there.  My double feels very light to me for a double.

Today while browsing a forum, someone asked for advice about which double pram to buy.  Most people gave sensible answers, telling her their experiences, talking about the width and weight of the doubles they had.  However, after a few comments, in came the Bugaboo brigade.  A small handful of women all claiming to have spent upwards of £1500 on the Bugaboo “Donkey”.

Apart from rolling my eyes at the bragging, I also found myself chuckling and thinking were Bugaboo trying to prove a point that celebrity sells, by naming their pram a Donkey!  The name Donkey in my mind does not conjure up images of a sleek. stylish, lightweight, fashionable pram.  Instead I think of a bulky cumbersome, difficult to manoeuvre, bland wagon.

Does the Donkey sell so well because it’s a Bugaboo?  Part of me thinks that’s exactly why.  I would love to know if Bugaboo didn’t exist or hadn’t created their double pram, would these women buy a pram called a Donkey from any other manufacturer?  I believe the answer is no, unless of course that Donkey was being pushed by a celebrity!


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One Response to The Snooty Pram!

  1. Oh boy! Seriously? The pram has become a status symbol? As long as you can wheel babe around safely etc who cares! That’s so funny they called it the donkey!

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