The Smell of freebiedom

Most of us love a good freebie, whether it be samples or free prize draws with the chance of winning something nice.  I’m always on the look out and enter everything that isn’t too time consuming.  I’ve had a few minor wins, books, dvds, toys, baby equipment and some kitchen stuff.  My biggest win has been a £200 gift card, that I’m going to use towards my Christmas shopping.

It can be disheartening sometimes, I enter what seems like thousands of competitions and get nothing, but every so often I get a little burst of prizes and that keeps me going.  The free samples are another story though, some of them really are pretty pointless, you take the time and effort to fill out the questionnaire and the freebie they offer you is normally something in doll’s house size.  However, I still fill them out and sometimes it too is worthwhile.  I’ve had free samples of tea which turned out to be a whole box, full size bars of chocolate (always a good thing) I got 2 full size tubes of Johnson’s Nappy cream and full size shampoo – not too shabby for just filling out a form.

The latest sample offer I saw was for perfume, normally I don’t both with these as you tend to get one of those tiny matchstick bottles with about 3 droplets of scent in them, however, this offer was very glammed up and led me to believe that the sample was for a full 25ml small bottle.  The site described different smells and you clicked the ones you liked, eventually it deduced from my answers which of the perfumes would be “my smell”.

So I thought why not?  I filled out my details and pressed send, then promptly forgot about it.  Today when the postman came, I was confronted by what is possibly the funniest and most pointless free sample I’ve ever had in my life.  Sent airmail all the way from Hong Kong, I received a postcard with a tear off strip, inside which was a tiny piece of scented wet wipe fabric!

Seriously they sent this all the way from Hong Kong, if I’d known the sample was coming that distance, I wouldn’t have bothered sending for it and I certainly would never have sent for a smelly postcard.  There’s my carbon footprint trashed for a piece of wet wipe!

There are no words!


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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