Let the Games Begin

I just had to do a post about The London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, because in all honesty, I was seriously impressed.  I also have to eat humble pie, because I didn’t believe for a second that they could put on the spectacular show that they did.  I was convinced we would produce some tacky, awful cockney wideboy type show (no offence to the cockneys), but I had visions of some “Del Boy” naff performance.

Over the course of my Olympic watching years Beijing was the opening ceremony that I enjoyed the most, to me it was by far the most entertaining, the most artistic and the most memorable.  Well London has, in my opinion equalled that.  They were both very different types of ceremonies and were both artistically and musically very different, but I love them both for their differences.

Danny Boyle really did us Brits proud, his trip through our history was beautiful, moving and funny.  From Nimrod to Firestarter the music was fantastic, it took me on a journey through my entire life.  All those eras of big hair and RaRa skirts, leg warmers and shell suits, he transported me through my whole life and I loved it.

I thought the Queen and Daniel Craig was a phenomenal touch and secretly believe it really was her on that parachute!  I want to meet that swooning, fainting Corgi and shake its paw.  Mr Bean, not normally a character that appeals to me, was brilliant and made me chuckle.

The Children and staff from Great Ormond Street Hospital were just sensational and I was thrilled to see them as part of the show.  Even though a few ignorant commentators criticised the fact the children didn’t look very sick – WHAT!  Clearly they know nothing about GOSH or the unfortunate, very poorly children that they try desperately to save.  What did they want to see, children linked up to IV’s and ventilators!

I loved J K Rowling reading from Peter Pan, I loved Mary Poppins flying in.  I guess, I loved it all.  Well…….maybe I could have skipped Macca and Hey Jude, it was slightly predictable.  We seem to wheel him and that song out for everything.  Don’t get me wrong Paul McCartney is a musical genius and a legend and I love the song Hey Jude, it’s just been kind of “done to death”  That song ends up at almost every event we have now.  Maybe that’s why Danny Boyle did it though, maybe he thought that the predictable ending has now become the British tradition.

I was also a bit sad to read some journalist comments about it being a socialist lefty show because it highlighted and featured the NHS so heavily.  I personally think it was brilliant and well deserved and I am not a lefty!  All too often we spend our time criticising the NHS, heck even people from other countries who have never set foot inside an NHS hospital or been treated on the NHS have criticised it.

Personally I am very grateful to live in a country where healthcare is free for everyone.  I feel privileged to know that if myself or any of my family get sick then we can and will be treated without having to find thousands of pounds or have expensive insurance.  I am thrilled that we have a free immunisation programme for our children.  My experiences of the NHS have all been positive and good.  In fact, I believe my consultant saved both my life and the life of our eldest daughter, his quick action and positive decision making is why I am still here today and why I am finally a mother.  I know they are not perfect and that they make mistakes, sometimes huge very costly ones.  However, even people who have paid thousands in private hospitals have fallen foul to mistakes.  To err is human after all and those errors can and do happen regardless as to whether or not you paid for your treatment.  So give the NHS a break, believe it or not, we are very fortunate to have it.  So for me personally, I got a bit of a buzz out of seeing the tribute to them.

I cried bucket loads at Mohammad Ali, he is just so frail now and it was both wonderful and heartbreaking to see him.  I was also deeply moved by the memorial wall and thought it was a magnificent idea.

I loved how children almost dominated the show, they played such an integral part in the whole thing, from the choirs around the country – I of course was thrilled to see The Giants Causeway in my wee beloved country, to the dancers and drummers.  The real touch of brilliance though was in getting the young athletes of the future to light the cauldron, that for me was pure genius and completely spectacular.

There are loads more things I could mention, loads more things I totally loved, but I’m sure if you watched it you know them all anyway and will have your own favourites.  I am really looking forward to the games and I’m hoping that Team GB can pick up a good few medals.  However, the thing I love the most about the Olympics is that even if our competitor isn’t winning and the leader is heading towards an Olympic or World record, we get excited for them and spur them on regardless of what nation they are representing.  For me The Olympics really are an occasion where the world comes together, yes we want our own country to win, but we can still celebrate and congratulate the country who does.

Happy medal counting everyone


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3 Responses to Let the Games Begin

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  2. Hello! I loved it too. I thought the whole spectacle was just fabulous, but I think, like you, that its time to wheel Sir Paul away now – enough already!

  3. Liska says:

    I absolutely loved it too.
    Mohamed Ali made me cry too – I tweeted about it – he had be in bits.
    Can’t wait till we get our 1st Gold Medal, but as the kids say nowadays: it’s the taking part that counts.
    Liska xxxx

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