Mission Completed – Almost

I did it, I actually managed to acquire a marquee.  Well two to be exact and technically they are gazebos, but I am chuffed to bits and they work better than one large marquee.  Before heading out into marquee wilderness, I had a quick search on Gumtree and discovered an ex catalogue store only 10 miles from my home and they had lots of different ones for sale.  So I went there and managed to get 2 of the very funky and easy to erect “pop up” gazebos. They are 4m x 8m each so we will end up with a much bigger space than the original one that I looked at in B&Q.  The best bit though was the price, they were a stonking bargain at £50 each.  I have ended up with much better quality, much easier to erect and with all the side panels gazebos that we can use over and over.  So I am a very happy bunny today.

My husband has managed to hire cutlery, extra tables and chairs and tea and coffee urns from a company around the corner from his work, because he uses them for his work, they have agreed to deliver them too us at a fraction of the normal delivery rate.  So there’s a win again.  I am physically and mentally exhausted though.  Our baby girl has decided to sprout 4 teeth at the same time and has been incredibly clingy, I’m struggling to move more than 3 steps away from her before the air raid siren of howling starts.  My blood pressure medication that I’ve been on since the birth of our 1st daughter is really wiping me out.  They have added new tablets and increased my dosage and they are not really helping my blood pressure, but making me really sleepy.  So I guess a trip back to my Dr will be in order next week – ah, these things are sent to try us.

On a positive note though, I now just have clothing and gifts for the Godmothers to buy tomorrow and then begin the mammoth task of just putting everything together and of course cleaning our house to within an inch of its life!

My only concern is the weather, it’s been nice for 2 days and is supposed to break on Sunday – typical.  I’m not going to worry too much, I’m keeping everything crossed that the weather men are as wrong as they normally are.  However, sod’s law dictates that this time they will be spot on.  This soiree is going to happen regardless of the weather and in true Irish fashion we’ll sing and drink our way through it!


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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