I Must be Nuts

As if trying to organise and just make it through a normal day isn’t challenging enough for me, I have now decided to up the ante even further.  My sister is only in the country until the 29th July and as this is the first time she’s been home for nearly 6 years and it could be another 6 before we get to see her again, we have decided to have the baby christened before she leaves.  This Sunday to be exact, here in the garden!  So I have 3 days to organise a marquee with extra furniture, crockery, cutlery and glasses, the food, drinks, clothes and guests – eek.  I also need to fit in some Sun Dancing (the same as Rain Dancing, but with the opposite effect).

This is the first time my sister has met her nieces and she couldn’t make it home for our first daughters christening, so we wanted to make her part of this one.  In my mind it all seems ever so simple, in reality, however, it is not.  I live in a part of the UK where we just don’t have access to quite the same variety of services and competitive retailers that the mainland has.  The internet has made my life so much easier, but again at this stage it is really too late to order things online.  Next day delivery here is a rarity, unless I’m buying from a local company.  Although lots of local business now have websites, they all seem to have a real aversion to putting their prices on.  It’s the old, I don’t want my competitors knowing what I’m charging mentality.  Which is really dumb, because all their competitor has to do is phone them and ask!

I’ve just wasted an hour looking at gazebos and marquee hire and catering supplies hire.  I must have looked at 20 different sites and only 1 had a published price list.  What is with these people.  The whole purpose of on-line is to make things quick, easy and convenient.  So the customer can shop when your shop is closed.  How can you do that when your website is nothing more than a static advertisement with call us for pricing on it.  I don’t want to call you, I don’t have time to call you and the only real quiet time I have to do this is when my children are asleep.  If I attempt to call you through the day, guaranteed my daughters will start World War 3 whilst I am on the phone.   So blueeegh to all you silly won’t put our prices on “sellers”  get with the programme it’s 2012 for goodness sake, if you are going to attempt to embrace technology for the sake of your business, then do it properly.  Especially in times of recession where most businesses are desperate for customers, I would have thought every avenue of sales revenue would be open.  Apparently not though!

So that’s my quota of stress sorted for the next 3 days, along with the minister who has agreed to do the ceremony and about 50 guests who have a vague idea of what’s happening.  Tomorrow it will be all mind numbing attempts to find a quiet corner to make some phone calls and then running around like a headless chicken collecting and gathering all the things I manage to procure.  This could prove to be interesting.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress……..


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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