No ye Canny throw yer Granny from the bus!

We have some relatives visiting from Canada and I had offered to take them out for the day.  My hubby is off work for a few days, so he took over mummy duties.  My sister decided to come too and together we planned a nice trip out and lunch for them.

We took them on a double-decker bus city tour – which is something they had really wanted to do.  The weather is still unseasonably cold and wet, so we stayed inside the bus rather than going up onto the open upper deck.

Things were going well and everyone was having a lovely time.  My elderly Great Auntie who is 78 was loving standing at the back of the bus holding onto the rail.  She said it reminded her of being a girl again!  She kept getting up out of her seat and holding onto the pole, grinning insanely at us and getting us to take her picture.

We had planned to get off and see a couple of sights and then rejoin the bus again a little later.  Everyone knew which stop we were getting off at and as it wasn’t too far away, we began to gather up our belongings.  I looked up from my bag just in time to see my great auntie leap from the back of the bus!!!  When I say leap, I do mean leap, even at 78 years old she sprang off that bus like a Springbok jumping a river on the African Savannah.

We all rushed to the back of the bus, just as we swung around the corner and there she was wandering along trying to look natural as we drove around the corner away from her.  Luckily the stop was nearby and we all got off and rushed back to find her and find out what on earth had happened.

It would appear that she was so focused on getting off at the next stop, that when the bus slowed to turn the corner, she decided it must be stopping and she wanted to get off first, so she just jumped!

How I wished, I’d had my video camera.  It was a television moment, seeing this old lady just jump from a moving bus as though she was an 18-year-old.

After we all composed ourselves and stopped both laughing and telling her off for her crazy actions, we decided it was best to take her for lunch and let her adrenaline subside a bit.  We were afraid that she may have had such a buzz that she’d want to go sky diving next!

So be warned the next day you take an old person, just be on your guard, they could suddenly announce that they want to parachute or absail!


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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