This is Bliss

After my emotional outburst last Sunday . I was determined that this one would be a happy, contented day. Sadly our wee baby girl has a nasty cold, she barely slept last night and is exhausted today. She just can’t get over to sleep properly and is so upset.

So drastic action is called for. It’s once again wet and cold outside, so no chance of us exploring and bug hunting in the garden. Instead we are all 3 of us curled to on the couch under a fluffy blanket with Tangled on the television. It is bliss. I’m in the middle, our toddler is on the right, tucked under my arm and the baby is snoring gently in my left arm.

It got me thinking about all the things in my life that I am grateful for, despite all the horrible things that have happened and undoubtdly will happen at some point in the future.  So I’m on big positivity drive and I’m focusing on the good.  I’ve made my “Bliss List”

1.  I am happily married to the man I love – yes there are times when he drives me mad, yes he can be just as messy as our children, yes at times it feels as though I have a 3rd child.  However, he is a brilliant husband and a superb father.  He works hard and supports us all, finacially and emotionally.  He is both funny and fun to be with.  He brought me through the darkest part of my life and never falters.

2.  I have my darling girls.  I truly know just how lucky I am to have them, they light up every single second of my life.  I eat, sleep and breathe them.  They are more than I ever dreamt they could be.  They do not make losing our son right and they do not replace him, but they help to fill the hole in my heart, they give me hope and inspiration every day.

3.  We have a nice home.  We live in a 200 year old farmhouse on a country road.  Yes the house is not perfect and there are bits I’d love to have the money to change.  However, it is warm, comfortable and welcoming.  Everyone who comes here to visit instantly relaxes, they all tell me that the house has a “come in, sit down and be happy vibe”.  It does have a vibe.  I felt it the day we came to view it.  It was a Saturday and within 5 minutes of walking into this house, I knew it was home.  I could hardly wait until Monday to put in our offer and I hand my nails bitten off, dreading someone else getting it.

4.  We have a fabulous garden.  Our garden is really big, it has a huge lawn, loads of shrubs, then tucked behind the trees at the bottom is a little natural woodland bit, full of squirrels and hedgehogs.  At the side we have an orchard with our wonderful fruit – that all the rain is slowly drowning this year.  It also houses the errant chickens!  Our garden is like a park and our girls are so lucky to have this huge private, safe space to run wild in.  Our toddler is already quite the botanist and can identify loads of the shrubs and flowers.  She got enormous pleasure out of telling visitors that the “Cherry Bloppim” was coming out.

5.  We have most of our extended family within driving distance.  With the exception of one of my sisters all our other siblings and my parents are within easy reach.  So the girls get to see their aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents all the time.  They are also only a short trip away if we needed them in an emergency.

6.  We have enough to get by.  We are by no means wealthy, but we are not poor either.  My husband has a good job and his military pension.  This affords me not to work and I can stay at home with the girls.  We can pay our bills without too much worry and we have no debts.  Yes of course there are luxuries I’d love to splash out on and just can’t, but knowing that what we have is ours and we don’t owe anybody anything is a massive thing to be grateful for.

7.  Our health.  Despite the fact that I’m on 9 tablets a day and if I fell over, I’d sound like a rain maker.  We are generally very healthy.  We rarely get sick, all the little bugs and sicknesses seem to bypass us.  Thankfully, so far the girls have only had a couple of colds too.

8.  We are happy.  Despite the gloomy weather, gloomy economy and the heartbreak we face and faced.  We are generally a happy little family, we laugh a lot and do daft things together.  My daughters have made me become infinitely more patient than I ever was and I have learned to shake off a lot of the petty things in everyday life that would have really bothered me before.  I’m grateful for that.

So there you have it my Bliss list.  The next time I’m feeling down in the dumps and sorry for myself.  I’m going to pull up this list and remind myself, what we overcame and what we have now.  Why not make your own Bliss list too?  Something to give you the feel good factor on gloomy days.


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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