To celeb or not to celeb – that is the question?

Reading the papers, magazines and internet news at the moment seems to be full of Adele being pregnant, Katy Perry spilling the beans on Russell Brand and of course the top story about the Cruises impending divorce.

I am so not interested in this stuff.  Am I alone in not being a celebrity fiend?  I also don’t watch soap operas, Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s got Talent, Dancing on Ice, Loose Women, This Morning or Jeremy Kyle.  To be honest life can be tough enough at times without adding a daily dose of Eastenders duff duffs into it!

Perhaps the fact that I like a good old Aussie or Japanese horror film says more about me than I realise – there are some scary “creative” minds behind those movies.

What really struck me though is reading the outpouring of public sympathy on places like Yahoo Answers for Katie Holmes and all the “poor little Suri” comments.  Divorce is horrible no matter who it happens to.  However, I wonder if the same people commenting on Yahoo would show the same sympathy to the woman 3 doors down the street who has suddenly become a single mother.  Would the sympathy be extended to her children, or would those people gossip to one and other about “how she must have deserved it”, “she must have been up to no good” “he was far too good for her anyway, I bet some of those children aren’t his.”

Personally I think that little Suri Cruise will be in a much better position than most of the “ordinary” children, who find themselves children of a broken home.  Publicly though they will probably have to endure gossiping neighbours as opposed to multiple comments of support on Yahoo Answers.

As for Katy Perry spilling the beans.  I really don’t want to know.  Russell Brand scunners (there’s a good Irish word for you) me, I don’t care what he was like to live with, I don’t care how messy, loud, obnoxious or anything else he was.  She chose to marry him and just like countless other women, she then woke up and realised just what a knob she thought he was – meh, it’s not really international news is it?

Adele being pregnant, is very lovely for her I’m sure, but it has no impact on me whatsoever.  As I would do with every pregnant woman, I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy.  But that is where my interest ends.  I believe Claire Danes is also sharing pregnancy news – who????  I actually had to google her, because I had absolutely no idea who this woman was, her “news” was appearing all over my twitter feed and I hadn’t a clue who she was.  I did recognise her vaguely when I saw her picture, but that was it.

Even the constant barrage of Kate Middleton bugs me.  Every day when I open my email, I have spam emails about get Kate Middleton’s style, See what Kate is wearing today, See where Kate will be going today.  No, No, No.  She may be our future Queen one day, but I am not remotely interested in her private life or her fashion choices.  Leave her alone, let her have some life before she becomes Queen.

The constant intrusion into “celebrity” lives is not only in my opinion wrong, but also completely unnecessary.  What exactly constitutes a celebrity nowadays anyway?  It would seem a fortnight on Big Brother is enough to catapult you into the pages of numerous gossip magazines.  I am so not interested in what some spotty geek who ponced around in front of a house full of mirrors and cameras is up to next!

I have a small handful of famous people on my Twitter account.  However, they are famous for their business rather than from being soap stars, reality tv “stars”  or Hollywood superstars!  I follow them because I am interested in their business, I like what they have to say for themselves and I like what they do for others.  I don’t consider any of them celebrities, they are just famous in their field of work  I enjoy reading what their next business venture is, but do not in any way want to know the ins and outs of their private lives.  I don’t care if they leave the toilet seat up or they have 2 sugars in their tea.  All of that is irrelevant to me.

So what drives the thirst for celebrity gossip?  Is it all a natural desire from the public to step into this fantasy celebrity world, or has this all been drip fed to us for so long from various publications that we now can’t live without knowing how much of a divorce settlement Katie Holmes will get?

The same applies when I hear of a celebrity death.  I will say “ah that’s sad and it is sad”, but again any death is sad.  Then end of a life is sad.  However, I am constantly amazed by the public weeping and wailing in the streets.  The people who will travel thousands of miles to scream on their knees in front of a television camera.  Is their grief really that huge, or do they “need” to be involved in the media frenzy that surrounds something like this.  Personally for me I find events like 9/11 for example a much better reason to publicly grieve.  I could completely understand the millions around the world who cried at this – I was one of them.  I cried every time I watched the news coverage.  Because I could imagine what the lives of the victims families would be like.  I could imagine their despair and I felt it with them.

Hollywood is all about acting, what is real.  Even in their “real” lives – what is real?  How can we get so involved in something, that more often than not is all one huge act?  Los Angeles is the stage and the audience – the world.


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