Fruits of my Labour

Despite the horrendous weather and the relentless rain.  I was thrilled to discover my veggies are surviving.  They haven’t been completely drowned and some are even at the stage of eating.  I fear my Raspberries, apples and blackcurrants may not be quite so lucky, they are in dire need of some sun, so we might not get much of a crop this year.

However,  tomorrow we are having some delicious Salmon with our first ever home grown salad and a home baked Pain de Campagne.  I like to sneak a little bit of France in whenever I can.  Raymond Blanc, the great overlord of French cooking has a fantastically simple recipe for this wonderful rustic French country bread, so I’m giving it a whirl tomorrow!

I’m not going to let the rotten weather spoil things.  I’ll turn the heat up until the house is like an oven, set my Fig tree in the middle of the table and pretend I’m actually in sunny La Belle France – ha!

Somehow food seems to make things so much better.


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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