My Gob is Well & Truly Smacked

I don’t often question anyone elses parenting choices, each to their own I say.  I’m pretty sure there are things that I do, that others wouldn’t approve of.  So I make a point of not looking down my nose at anyone and minding my own business.  Unless something extremely harmful or life threatening is going on.

What I witnessed today though left me absolutely reeling and I can’t for a second get my head around what the parent/guardian, or minder of this child was thinking.  In fact I’m fairly certain he wasn’t thinking at all.  If he was, it was only about himself.

I had been into town with my girls to buy our toddler some new shoes and I decided to come home the shorter route down the motorway.  I was about 2 miles from my off slip, when I noticed the car in front swerving over the white line, then back across almost onto the hard shoulder, it continued to do this back and forth, back and forth.  Then it would speed up and slow down.  My initial thought was, this is a drunk driver.  My next reaction was that I wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

I decided that I was going to pass him.  As I pulled alongside him, I realised what the cause of the erratic driving was.  He was steering his car with his elbows and using his hands to text!  That in itself makes my blood boil, but what horrified me even more about the situation was the fact that there on the front passenger seat was an infant carrier, complete with infant!  I actually felt sick and I was stunned beyond belief, that anyone would do this.  If this guy is prepared to take a risk like that with the life of his own baby or a baby in his care, then he would have absolutely no regard for the safety of my children or anyone elses.

When I got off the motorway, I pulled in and called the police and gave them his registration.  I know it probably won’t achieve anything, in todays economic climate, they probably won’t even call and see him.  However, I couldn’t just ignore that little baby, I didn’t want to hear a news report of a baby being in a car accident, knowing that I may have been able to prevent it.

I’m just stunned at how much attention he was giving his text and how little he was giving his driving or his baby.  Why on earth would someone do that?  Is this the downside to our wonderful technological world, can we now not switch off, even if it means we could cause death?


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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