Extra Pair of Eyes and Ears

As promised this is my review of the Angelcare baby monitor and sensor mat.  I must first of all state that I am not an employee or affiliated to Angelcare uk in any way.  I am merely a user of the product, a mum who wanted the best possible listening device for my babies and who believes she found it with this product.

After a pregnancy rife with paranoia due to the loss of our son.  When our baby girl was placed in my arms, I thought my worries were over. Ha! how wrong I was, they were only just beginning.  One of my biggest fears, like most parents is SIDS or just something terrible happening to my baby during the night and me not realising until it was too late.  Angelcare do not in any way claim that their monitor prevents Sids.  However, for me having that warning system that your baby has stopped breathing or moving was invaluable.

We bought the AC401 Movement and sound monitor http://angelcareuk.co.uk/ac401-movement-sound-monitor, it was on special offer at the time in Mothercare for £89.99, but to be honest knowing how good it is I’d have paid double that for it.

Most mothers and fathers will agree that we worry about our children 24 hours a day, we don’t switch the worry off when they fall asleep.  We don’t look at that angelic little sleeping face and think ah I can stop worrying now.  Just because they aren’t bumping into things or shoving things into their mouths doesn’t mean we relax.

The AC401 has the sensor mat, with variable levels of sensitivity that you place underneath their mattress.  You might have to play around with the sensitivity to get the right setting for you, but it’s very simple to do.  For example if your baby is like our baby daughter who  moves all over the bed into the corners, you might need a higher sensitivity.  By just turning the little knob on the back of the nursery unit, you can get the setting that works for you.

The mat plugs into the nursery unit which is the triangular, Angel shaped unit.  It has a little soft blue  halo night-light, which gives enough light to see your baby, but doesn’t illuminate the entire room disturbing you.  The Angels wings are used to switch on and off the night-light and the monitor system.  The little row of yellow lights down the front of the Angel will flash to let you know it’s detecting movement.  I  fall asleep watching those little flashing lights.

You then have the parent unit.  It’s a portable, rechargeable rectangular unit a bit like a walkie-talkie with a belt clip, so you can carry it with you.  The parent unit has a colour light up screen and you can select which features you want to activate through the menu button.  The battery lasts for 8 hours before you need to charge it again.  I always make sure to pop ours back on the charger before getting into bed.

So what does it do.  In a nut shell, it monitors your baby’s breathing, sound and movement.  It is sensitive enough to detect even tiny breathing movement and the sound monitor picks up even the smallest sound that your baby might make.  If no movement is detected for 20 seconds the alarm will go off and boy does it ever go off!

I have read a few stories on internet forums of people getting lots of false alarms, in my experience they must have the sensitivity wrong, or set up the mat wrong.  Our eldest daughter is 26 months old and in all that time we have only ever had one false alarm.  She had rolled so far into the side of her crib that she had actually lifted the mattress off the mat, so without the contact the mat couldn’t detect her.  I have never leapt out of bed so quickly in all my life!  I did laugh about it the next day, but she gave me an unbelievable fright.  Even my husband who could sleep through a brass band in the bedroom jumped straight out of bed.  What that fright did do though, was further enhance my confidence in the Angelcare.  It worked, it did exactly what it said it would, it didn’t detect her, so it told us.

It also monitors the room temperature and you can set it to alarm if the room is too hot or too cold.  The display screen on the parent unit will tell you the current room temperature.  It is also fantastic at sound detection, we laugh some evenings sitting downstairs and the monitor will spring into life because our toddler has decided to snore!

We loved this monitor so much that when we had our 2nd daughter we bought a 2nd monitor.  Although our eldest daughter was 18 months old, we just didn’t want to take her sensor mat away. The only thing we had to do was change the frequencies that they transmitted on so that they didn’t interfere with each other.  Again this is simple to do from the menu on the parent unit.

I honestly believe that I would never have slept properly without our Angelcare.  I know there is no substitute for physically checking your baby and I am not suggesting for a minute and neither do Angelcare that their monitor takes away that need.  However, even as a parent you have to sleep.  By following the FSIDS advice and using my Angelcare monitor though, I slept much more soundly, knowing that we were taking every step we could to keep our babies safe.  The Angelcare was my extra pair of eyes and ears watching over my sleeping cherubs.

This is why for me the Angelcare is my best ever baby buy.  This is why I will confidently and happily recommend it to any parent.  Pop over to their website http://angelcareuk.co.uk/ and have a read at their brilliant products.  There is now an even more fabulous version complete with touch screen full colour video.  This is definitely high on my wish list and I am saving my spare pennies to buy one.  We plan to move both girls into the same room once our baby is ready to leave our bedroom and I love the idea of being able to monitor them and spy on them sleeping at the same time.  It even has night vision, so you can see them in the dark.  Our eldest daughter does like to have a lie in a few mornings a week, I am desperate to know if she’s ok, but know I’ll disturb her if I try to peep into her room and then she’ll be like a bear all day.  The video version would allow me to peep in on her without disturbing her cosy lie in.  This could just be my answer!

Angelcare also have a brilliant Facebook page where you can chat to other parents about their products, get news about new products and special offers and enter their competitions    Or you can follow them on Twitter

I will review the video monitor for you all, as soon as I manage to get one.  In the meantime though, if any of you already own one and would be willing to write a guest review, I’d really appreciate your input.

Fabfortymum awards the Angelcare sound and movement monitor a big fat 10 out 10 for my best ever baby buy.  


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