Chicken Run

So it’s mid June, that can mean only one thing.  It’s been pouring with rain and it’s freezing.  I can’t believe we had to turn the heating on, it was that cold.  Please somebody listen, it’s JUNE not October.

Our chickens have obviously decided that they too have had enough, because surprise surprise they managed to escape again.  I was changing the baby, when suddenly our other daughter shouted “uh oh mummy, my chickens are all over the grass!”  My heart sank as I looked out at the driving rain and spotted Clarabelle, Minnie and Daisy running across the lawn.  Normally it is just Minnie aka Steve McQueen who gets out, but somehow the other 2 have discovered her trick and they made a break for it too!

So my hubby took over baby duties, while I played chicken catcher.  There is no point in him even trying, because they run even faster away from him.  I have a fighting chance that they might just come to me.  So I hauled on my wellies and raincoat and out I went.  Clarabelle by this stage had decided she didn’t want to be out and almost leapt into my arms when she saw me.  So I managed to get her safely deposited back into the run, the other 2 however, had left the garden completely, gone up the lane a little and headed into the field.  Only to be confronted by a small herd of young calves, who started a mini stampede straight towards the 2 escapees!  The chickens horrified by the sight of galloping calves turned and ran right past me, through the garden hedge and back to the gate of their run!  I meanwhile am soaked to the skin having discovered too late that I have a split in one of my wellies.

So the rest of the day was spent going to the hardware store to buy yet another 2 rolls of wire and wood to extend the height of their run.  We then took it in relays to look after the children and fix the run.  By about 6pm we finally had it finished and at now almost 7 feet in height they cannot possibly get out over it now – or can they?  Bearing in  mind they have also had their wings clipped!

If they do, then I’m not convinced that they are chickens and suspect they may be Ostriches in disguise.  Judging by the size of the egg that one of them laid following their ordeal, I actually think they may be.  It was the biggest chicken egg I’ve ever seen. There will be a mighty fine omelet made from that egg.

Ostrich or Hen?

So as of today the 3 of them all have new aliases: Steve McQueen, Houdini and Dillinger.  Tomorrow we eat the egg!


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I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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