Figgy in the Middle

So my big “excitement” today is that my efforts to grow my own are starting to pay off.  My little Fig tree has suddenly sprouted two figs.  Yes a whole 2 figs.  In the words of Scarlett O’Hara – “We’ll never be hungry again!”

Two figs really isn’t much to get excited about and they may not develop into much more than the 2 tiny pea sized figs that they are today.  We may never actually be able to eat them.  However, I was just tickled pink to finally see the “fruits of my labour.”  They also represent a tiny bit of my dream to live in the South of France.  When we go on holiday, we always stay in a house that is surrounded by Fig trees, just bursting with the sweetest, juiciest figs I’ve ever seen or tasted.

As we batten down the hatches tonight to prepare for a storm and apparently the heaviest rain for almost 20 years, it has fuelled my desire even more.  I long to be in a lovely old stone farmhouse with blue shutters and a vine with fat bursting purple grapes growing up the outside walls.  A sweet delicious scented Oleander growing around the door, with a lemon tree on either side, just in case anyone fancies a G&T!

Gazing out over a patchwork of Yellow Sunflower fields and purple French lavender, would be a sight for my tired sleep deprived eyes, the singing crickets, the chirping Tree Frogs and the wonderful hooting of the Tawny Owls are sounds that would lull me into a luxurious sleep.

Maybe someday, we can make the dream a reality.  Until then, there’s always my figs and a bottle of Merlot!


About fabfortymum

I'm 40 years old and it has taken me 12 years to become a mummy
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